Speaker Knockerz OG



Speaker Knockerz, named in honor of the late Carolina rapper who passed away in 2014, seamlessly blends the invigorating qualities of its parent strains Runtz and Animal Mintz.

The high from this flower starts with a calm and noticeable relaxation that effortlessly spreads through your senses, inducing a state of peace and composure. At the same time, a wave of euphoria engulfs the mind, intensifying feelings of positivity, motivation, and inspiration. This uplifting and harmonious combination of effects provides a well-rounded high that nurtures both the body and mind.

Upon inhalation, you are greeted with robust flavors reminiscent of marionberry jam, offering a sweet and fruity undertone. Speaker Knockerz, an indica relaxing strain, is perfect for enhancing positive vibes. It complements activities like music production, providing relaxation, creativity, and focus.

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Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half

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