Pineapple Crack

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The Pineapple Crack strain is truly a unique and potent blend of some of the most popular cannabis strains. Pineapple Crack is a sativa strain.

This strain is the perfect blend of four distinct strains: “Pineapple Express”, “Green Crack”, “Chunky Cherry Malawi”, and “Glass Slipper”. It is the child of sweet and spicy lemon-pine Trainwreck as well as tropical and creative Hawaiin. Because of this combination, it provides both a physical calm as well as a cerebral sensation. Because the strain is sativa-dominant it does leave more cerebral effects than calming.

Pineapple Crack tastes and smells exactly how it sounds. It is a fruit-forward punch of pineapple, with hints of its leafy crown. You’ll feel the juicy apple fruit first, and in the exhale, you’ll get a sense of the pine. The mouth-watering flavors will likely give you the munchies, so plan ahead with lots of snacks.

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