Origin Extracts Diamonds – Jack Herer (S)


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Using our state-of-the-art extraction facility, Origin Extracts aims to provide Oklahoma medical marijuana patients with a plethora of cannabis concentrate options. This non-exhaustive list includes sugar, budder, badder, live resin, and Origin Extracts’ own Liquid Live Nectar.

Our extraction process begins before touching any plant material. It takes critical planning to ensure the desired results of extraction are achieved – each strain has a unique cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profile; therefore, each strain behaves differently during extraction. We clean our proprietary blend of hydrocarbon solvent before each and every extraction, and with the capability of reaching near-cryogenic temperatures, we’re able to leave behind unwanted fats and lipid during the extraction process.

We have complete control over the extraction parameters we employ. Temperature is the most critical parameter to manage, as those precious terpenes we work immensely to preserve are highly volatile and quickly degrade. The ability to work at these low temperatures is paramount to preserving a strain’s native cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

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