Jamaican Kush Diamonds


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Being an indica dominant hybrid strain, Jamaican Kush has a 70:30 indica/sativa ratio crossing Blueberry Kush and Jamaican Gold. The smell is unique and offers an amazing blend of spice and fruity scents with kush undertones. The first hit will taste like kush but after some time you will notice a delicious blueberry taste. Two to three hits are more than enough before that smooth and easy feeling sets in. However, a few more hits after that will knock you out if you are not careful. But then again, you will feel relaxed due to the body numbing effects of the strain. On the other hand, experienced users mostly feel energized by its effects and may feel creative at the same time. TV will never seem more appealing and music will not sound as good as it will after smoking Jamaican Kush. That being said, it is often recommended for patients suffering from medical conditions like anorexia, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms and chronic aches as well.

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