Jack Attack

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Suppose you are one of those medical cannabis users who has a particular penchant for Sativa strains, and you are looking for a strain with therapeutic power to help you with your anxiety. In that case, Jack Attack may be the ideal strain for you. An urban legend says, “You shall not use the name of Jack Herer in vain,” and Jack Attack certainly lives up to his ancestry. This variety is the 4th generation of auto-flowering strains coming from Jack Herer after a refined selection process by the Venus Genetics team. Jack Attack generates a dense smoke loaded with aromas and sweet flavors with hints of incense. This 90% Sativa strain can contain up to 22% THC and causes enjoyable cerebral effects that will put you in a light mood, perfect for socializing, sharing with friends, and having a good time. It can be an ideal strain to unwind and forget about any source of stress and anxiety.

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Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half

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