Canna Cavi Moonrocks – Red Velvet

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Canna Cavi is premium flower soaked in a cannabis concentrate hash oil, flavored with terps and then rolled in kief. Simply put, a thc time bomb that will launch you to the moon.

Extremly potent and not recomended for beginners.

Canna Cavi Red Velvet, This cannabis plant is anear-perfect a near-perfect 50/50 hybrid. Its buds balance equal parts green and purple calyxes with swarms of orange pistils throughout. This cultivar usually produces a relatively balanced high between the head and the body. It’s good for anyone looking to just unwind and relax. Creative types may want to get their hands on this strain just for it’s ability to get the creative juices flowing. Medcinally, this strain is famous for its ability to supress nausea while stimulation appetite, making it a favorite among patients who require pharmaceuticals that can make the stomach quesy.

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Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half

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