Baby Jeeters Assorted Flavor Prerolls



The #1 preroll in the world!

Although they may look small, Baby Jeeters are mighty.  Medium or low tolerance smokers can get their money’s worth easily—one or two puffs is enough to do the trick. No cap, if you don’t smoke that often, you can make each mini last for 3 or 4 sessions. Jeeter’s infused prerolls are a powerhouse trifecta of cannabis magic. Jeeter’s indoor flower comes together in potent harmony infused with diamonds and a generous dusting of kief.  Adding two supercharged incarnations of cannabis to the actual flower itself makes for a more intense high when you smoke it. Jeeter’s infused prerolls normally test around the 35% THC range and their website promises to get you to Mars quicker than Elon. Let’s hope for all of us here on Earth that the Billionaire Space Race subsides but our ability to expand our perception continues.

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Blueberry Kush (I), Gelato Cake (S), Strawberry Shortcake (I), Blue Zkittlez (I), Maui Waui (S), Horchata (I), Cookies & Cream (I), Grape Ape (I), Watermelon Zkittles (I), Peach Ringz (I), Jokerz (H), Runtz (H), Churro (I), Game Over (I)

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