Apple Fritter 1/2 OZ Special | New Organic Outdoor Strain


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In 2019, I started seeing various “Fritters” pop up around top-shelf dispensaries (and also rap songs), including Cherry Fritter and Berry Fritter, but it’s widely believed that Apple Fritter reigns supreme. To create Apple Fritter, weed scientists crossed the strains of “Sour Apple” and “Animal Cookies.”

Strapped with 32 percent THC content, Apple Fritter is one of the highest-concentrated THC strains on the market. That being said, it’s not the type of pot that will knock you out on the couch. Instead, it provides a much purer high, which is perfect for doing creative work like writing or painting—I can speak from experience. You can find Fritters at many well-known dispensaries around the country.

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